My Love Story! Live Action Movie Announced.

It has been announced that My Love Story is now being made into a live action film!  It was announced on Monday that the cast and director have been chosen; and that the film will be released on October 31st.  Here is a promo shot of the actors in costume as Taeko, Yamato, and Sunekawa.


Ryohei Suzaki (Gatchaman) is Takeo.  Mei Nagano (Kenshin) is Yamato.  Kentaro Sagakuchi (Umimachi Diary) is Sunekawa.  While I am really excited for this film and will most definitely watch it once it is released on some streaming service or Blu Ray (Sentai Filmworks has the rights to the anime); I can’t help but feel though that these cosplayers hit the series more on the mark.

tumblr_nmp9k0aolW1qa0mm4o1_1280 tumblr_nmr57ufkca1qa0mm4o3_r2_500

Still, I’m very excited!

Source: Anime News Network


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