Moon Day 5/25/2015

Here is the next batch of classic Sailor Moon S episodes that were released for Moon Day yesterday on Hulu Plus and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 108: “Usagi’s Dance! In Time to a Waltz”

Usagi and friends are studying English at Mamoru’s apartment when an English gentlemen pays a visit.  After hilarity ensues with Usagi trying to speak English with the man, it is revealed that he knows Mamoru and invites everyone to a party he’s holding at his mansion.  More hilarity ensues as the whole group attempts at speaking english with the other exchange students, and Usagi unknowingly getting drunk.  Later on, the English gentlemen becomes Eudials next target for a pure heart crystal.


Episode 109: “The Shocking Moment!! Everyone’s Identities Revealed!!”

Another episode in the season dedicated to Minako / Sailor Venus.  Minako begins to worry that he heart is not pure enough considering the other Sailor Scouts had been pure heart crystal targets.  Eventually after doing many “pure” things, a Diamon attacks her and Venus then runs off her crystal.  In the ensuing battle, everyone see everyone transform.  Cats out of the bag now (pun intended).



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