Ramen Baths?

Remember when you were a kid, and you might’ve had a favorite food that you loved so much, you wanted to bath in it? Or remember watching your favorite cartoon characters swimming in food while eating it.  Mine was always Templeton from the Charlotte’s Web swimming in food as he’s singing how the fair “is a veritable smorgasbord orgasbord.”


Well, now all your dreams have come true.  Sort of.  At the Yunessun Spa in Hakone, Japan you can!  And I unknowingly made a rhyme right there….  The spa/theme park has various attractions, but as of late, one of their most popular attractions is bathing yourself in Ramen.  Yes, you read that right, Ramen.

While the attraction has been around since 2007, it has gained momentum due to the rising popularity of the food (yours truly loves an occasional trip to Ajisen Ramen).  While there are no Ramen noodles in the bath due to health code standards; you still sit in a tub full of Pork broth with fake noodles as decoration.  Supposedly the pork broth is said to have some health benefits such as increasing your metabolism, and making your skin have a healthier glow due to the collagen inside the broth.  Which is kinda of weird considering how greasy ramen can get sometimes.  It’s pretty gross.


The Yunessun spa also offers other food based spas which include coffee, green tea, sake, and wine.  While I probably wouldn’t go for the Ramen bath, you can totally sign me up for the Wine bath!  Hopefully this stuff doesn’t get reused for any of the restaurants in the park……

Source: nerdist.com

Image provided by Getty Images


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