Dear Japan 5/07/15

I am going to start a few of these segments that I would like to title, Dear Japan.  In these segments, I will address the weirdness that occasionally come out of the country, only then to reply “WHAT THE?” I will try and keep it a little safe so it can be viewed at work.  I will give warnings before hand if I have to.  Now onto the first segment of “Dear Japan.”

Dear Japan,

Today I was checking my Twitter this morning, and among the anime news and many tweets from people I follow I found this picture in a retweet.


Now…. Eh…… Now I assume this new Sanrio character in the middle is some type of food…. Or maybe the internet has ruined me…. But then I saw the second photo.


Maybe it’s a potato chip…..?  Or just a potato…..?  But as I just would like to reiterate, I believe the internet has ruined me.  Because when I initially saw it, I immediately thought balls…. Like as in guys balls…. A ball sack if you will.  With a butt crack…. And a duck face….  So I scoured the internet to find out what this really is and many of the Sanrio lists did not show this character.  Nada, zip, nothing….  So I am going to continue to view this is a ball sack.   Thanks Japan.  What the f***?

Yours truly, Renee


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