CLAMP’s Cardcaptor Sakura Inspires Adult Fashion Line

I am a huge CLAMP fan and have been for many years.  I am excited that their titles still have a strong fan base. And I am even more excited that there is now an adult clothing line that is inspired by CLAMP’s shojo masterpiece, Cardcaptor Sakura!

Japanese fashion brand Sukiyaki and CLAMP have reinterpreted many of Sakura’s costumes into everyday adult fashions.  Here are the 4 dresses.

news_xlarge_ccsakura_cossukiyaki21  news_xlarge_ccsakura_cossukiyaki8

This first dress is inspired by Sakura’s school uniform.  It retails for 14,800 yen (US $124).

news_xlarge_ccsakura_cossukiyaki24   news_xlarge_ccsakura_cossukiyaki1

The second dress is inspired from Sakura’s first battle costume of the series.  It retails also for 14,800 yen.

news_xlarge_ccsakura_cossukiyaki23      news_xlarge_ccsakura_cossukiyaki2

The third dress is inspired from Sakura’s Alice in Wonderland inspired costume.  It retails for 14,800 yen.

news_xlarge_ccsakura_cossukiyaki22     news_xlarge_ccsakura_cossukiyaki11

The last dress is inspired from another one of many Sakura’s battle costumes.  It also retails at 14,800 yen.

All costumes will be sold through pre-order at  They are expected to arrive around late May.

Source: Anime News Network.

All art copyright from CLAMP.


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