Bravely Second TV Ads and Job Videos Streamed

The official website for Bravely Second have released two TV ad videos; and a video introduction to most of the jobs you can find in the game.  Here is the 30 second ad featuring the theme song by Ryo (supercell).

The jobs video gives a rundown of all the jobs found in game.  Many familiar ones have returned such as the Black Mage, Thief, Ninja, and White Mage.  New jobs previewed in the video include the Tomahawk, Chariot, and Wizard.

The game is set to release in Japan on April 23 (a day before my birthday with no current US release date *sad face*).  There are  two editions being released.  The special edition will cost roughly $134 US dollars, and includes an Agnes figure, a Bravely Default “200 Years Later” Wind Maiden Edea Oblige Artbook and Novel, a mini game soundtrack, a “U” notebook, and a Magnolia rubber strap.


Source: Anime News Network

All videos and photos copyright of Square Enix


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