Moon Day 4/13/2015

Since I forgot to post last weeks episodes for Moon Day (due to work), here is an early post for the 2 classic episodes being released tomorrow on Hulu Plus and Neon Alley for Moon Day.

Episode 96: “Cold Hearted Uranus? Makoto in Trouble!”

Makoto (Sailor Jupiter), is targeted by one of Kaorinite’s Diamons, but she manages to evade an attack.  Keen to analyze her pure heart crystal for a talisman; Haruka (Sailor Uranus) befriends Makoto in order to get close to her.


Epsiode 97: “The Labyrinth of Water! Ami is Targeted!”

Ami’s (Sailor Mercury) desire to avoid competition leads her to inadvertently offend Michiru (Sailor Neptune) during a swimming race.  Meanwhile, Ami herself becomes the next target for a pure heart crystal.



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