Death Note Musical Preview Released

As with Disney releasing musicals based on their animated movies, Japan is well known for releasing musicals based on popular manga and anime series.  A Naruto musical, “Live Spectacle Naruto” has recently been released.  Sailor Moon has created about 31 different musicals with more than 800 performances combined; with their most recent musical, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Petite Étrangère coming out last year as part of the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary celebration.  Now another Anime/Manga series has been adapted into a musical, and that series is….. Death Note!


That’s right, Death Note.  Which is very strange for a musical considering the content of the series; but then again we released Repo The Genetic Opera….  Japanese talent agency Horipori has released a preview video featuring the three main lead actors playing Light, Misa, and Detective L.  Many fans of Japanese television and culture will recognize a famous actor at the end of the preview.  Japanese actor Takeshi Kaga will reprise the role he played in the Death Note live action films as Detective Souichirou Yagami, Light’s father.  He is also the actor who played Chairman Kaga in the original Japanese version of Iron Chef (which I still prefer more than the current American incarnation).  Video preview is below.  Enjoy.



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