Moon Day 3/23/2015

Every Monday is considered #Moonday on Hulu Plus and Viz’s Neon Alley when Viz releases 2 episodes of classic Sailor Moon. Today’s Moon day is particularly special as the 2 episodes released this week signal the start of season 3, known in Japan as Sailor Moon S (the S signifying “Super”).  So the long wait to watch again the appearance of Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn is over.  Some would argue Pluto too, but her lonely future self was shown in the previous season.  Here are the 2 episodes airing today.

Episode 90: “Premonition of World’s End? The Appearance of Mysterious New Warriors!”

After she experiences apocalyptic visions, Rei is attacked by a powerful monster called a Daimon that Sailor Moon is unable to fight after it disables her brooch, reversing her transformation. The Daimon is defeated by a pair of mysterious new warriors, leaving Rei to despondently realize that a new conflict has begun.


Episode 91: “The Rod of Love is Born! Usagi’s New Transformation”

While Mamoru strives to cheer Usagi up after her failure in the previous battle, a young girl is the latest target of the Death Busters. Due to Usagi’s inability to transform, the under-powered Sailor Team struggles to fight off the Daimon and are once again forced to rely on the mysterious new Sailor Guardians. Once they determine the girl’s pure heart is not a talisman, they leave the Sailor Team to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Tuxedo Mask and Usagi hold hands after the latter’s refusal to escape, and through the power of their love, Usagi’s disabled Crystal Star brooch transforms into the Cosmic Heart Compact, and she gains the Spiral Heart Moon Rod and, along with it, the ability to transform and defeat the new enemy.



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